Last year, the purpose of our conference was to seek the Way. Jesus Himself said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). With everything going on in our world, we felt it in our hearts that it’s time we focused on seeking the Truth. Not only do we need to seek Him because He is the Way, He is also the answer because Jesus IS the Truth. Our world right now is full of lies and deception. As Christians, we’re meant to be the light! It’s time we gather and seek the Truth in order to spread it, spread HIM to those who are deaf and blind and need to hear and see what the Truth truly is. The only way to do that is through Him. 


Serg Sinyagin


Sam Matsuk


Juan Carlos Arias

July 31 | Friday

8 PM

- Worship Night led by EBG Youth

- After worship there will be

fellowship and food


August 1 | Saturday

11 AM

- Morning Service [Word by Serg Sinyagin]

- After service there will be fellowship and food

7 PM

- Evening Service [Word by Sam Matsuk]

- After service there will be cafe and fellowship

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August 2 | Sunday

10 AM

- Morning Service [Word by Jaun Carlos Arias]

Evening is just fellowship